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Mr. Kim Remembered, Photos    


"If Looks Could Kill" - Mr. Kim in classic Cat Stance







Demonstration of Absolute Power and Focus







  Demonstration of classic Han Moo Kwan Side Kick




Demonstration of a "legal" technique in Advanced Sparring (This is not WTF)
  Demonstration of an arm bar/wrist crush.  Student is definitely thinking it is OK it stop now.



Mr. Kim emphasizing to a student "You are always ready".
  Bob Rainie and Mr. Kim practicing self-defense.







Mr. Kim believed you should always be ready and to react instantly, else "You're Dead".
    Demonstration of  Han Moo Kwan  "block" that can be used to break the leg.  All techniques in this style are used to do damage.


Demonstration of  Han Moo Kwan style  "Close in fighting "- move in and take away opponent's advantage.
    Mr. Kim with many of the original Club Members





Mr. Kim with next generation of students
    Brian Rainie, Mr. Kim, and Gary Murray - the early years



Mr. Kim promoting Wayland Louie to Black Belt on a traditional club award's night.

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