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Neither the authors nor the Han Moo Kwan Association assumes any responsibility for the use or misuse of the information contained within this web site.

The Han Moo Kwan Association, through this web site, presents the educational aspects of this martial art; any physical training should be conducted under auspices of a certified instructor, within an accredited club.  Although instructors originally certified by the Han Moo Kwan organization are free to educate students outside of the association structure, these activities are NOT endorsed by our association and we are not liable for any damages to persons or property resulting from these activities.  Students should ensure their instructor(s) carry adequate liability insurance and must understand that they participate at their own risk.  Only clubs listed in our "Clubs and Schools" page are endorsed by the Han Moo Kwan Association.

We highly recommend you consult with a physician prior to starting any new training and, with respect to this particular style, inform your doctor you are about to partake in the study of a high-impact, stressful exercise regimen.

Although we strive to ensure consistent training methods from all of our certified instructors, a significant amount of leeway is given in how the style is presented.  The techniques are standardized, but the training tools and methods can vary.  When the material presented here appears to differ from that presented by your instructor—follow the information presented by your instructor.

The Han Moo Kwan Association is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, any organization or commercial enterprise.  Although the art form originated in the Han Moo Gymnasium in Seoul, Korea, any connection with that organization was lost when their style was merged with other Taekwondo schools as part of the unification of the kwans (schools) into the World TaeKwonDo Federation (WTF).

Most of the information presented in this web site comes directly from the teachings of Mr. Kim.  You may see references to outside documentation from time to time.  These were used to clarify [name] or interpret some of the more obscure movements Mr. Kim never translated into English.

Any opinions or philosophical conclusions expressed within this material are those of the practitioners of the Han Moo Kwan art form, trained directly under Mr. Kim.  Your experience may vary.

All martial arts techniques are best learned from an instructor.  There are web sites (ours included), many books with photographs of techniques, and many technique videos that may be purchased, but they should only be used as a reference after learning the proper way to perform a technique from a certified instructor.  No matter how detailed the information within any reference material, it is still just information.  To practice a martial art means to adjust your body to the art form, and adjust the art form to your body.  It means learning not only the mechanics, but the energy, focus, and intention behind the moves.  A book may give you the knowledge of a martial art; an instructor will provide you with the experience of it.


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