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The Han Moo Kwan Association wishes to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the following individuals who, with their help, made the development and publication of this web site possible.

Mr. Kim:
For his dedication and unselfish acts of sharing his experience.  (Also for his patience)

The Board Of Directors:
For providing the details of the art form, as well as the Mr. Kim experience, along with proof-reading all of the information to ensure its accuracy.

Kelly McInerney:
For designing the structure and nomenclature of the documentation, and for the hundreds of hours of work writing and formatting the details of the art form contained in the reference material.

Jeffrey Burgess:
For his original outlines of the art form reference material, prompting us to invest the time in formal documentation.

Those Who Trained Directly Under Mr. Kim:
For providing the details of his insights and wisdom, and keeping his art form alive.

The Mandates/Policy/Directives Development Team:
Bob Rainie, Gary Murray, Brian Rainie, Kelly McInerney, Jeff Burgess, Amanda Burgess, and Bob Ramirez.

John Chen:
For assisting with the structure for formatting of the web site.

Marie Alm:
The designer and web master of the original Han Moo Kwan club site.


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