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Black Belt Challenges


The goal of this series is to assist you in your path from first degree black belt to second degree.  The video set contained within this section consists of an introduction followed by 26 individual "challenges".  Each challenge outlines specific goals designed to add depth to your experience of the art form.

This material is meant to serve as supplemental reference material, not a training guide, and is not meant to take the place of direct instruction from a qualified teacher.  Your certified instructor / chief instructor should be kept informed of your progress while you work your way through each challenge.


Introduction by Brian Rainie

00:  Introduction (YouTube) Video Download
01:  Consistent Placement (YouTube) Video Download
02:  Fast Basics / Slow Count (YouTube) Video Download
03:  Unsupported Board Break (YouTube) Video Download
04:  Distancing (YouTube) Video Download
05:  Short Strikes (YouTube) Video Download
06:  Collapsing Spear Board Break (YouTube) Video Download
07:  Short Kicks (YouTube) Video Download
08:  Power Blocking (YouTube) Video Download
09:  Constant Power In Hyung (YouTube) Video Download
10:  Omni-directional Knife Hand (YouTube) Video Download
11:  Sidekick Outside Body Line (YouTube) Video Download
12:  Multiple Stance Transition (YouTube) Video Download
13:  Hyung In A Closet (YouTube) Video Download
14:  Turnaway Kick In-Close (YouTube) Video Download
15:  High Block - Different Levels (YouTube) Video Download
16:  Hand Speed Escape (YouTube) Video Download
17:  Everything Does Damage (YouTube) Video Download
18:  Arc Broken Into Segments (YouTube) Video Download
19:  Side Kick Lock Position (YouTube) Video Download
20:  Compressing Bones (YouTube) Video Download
21:  One Third Rule (YouTube) Video Download
22:  Floating Ground In Hyung (YouTube) Video Download
23:  Direction Of Energy In Hyung (YouTube) Video Download
24:  The Shipsu Arc (YouTube) Video Download
25:  Hyung:  Attacking vs Defending (YouTube) Video Download
26:  Shipsu Ball Of Energy (YouTube) Video Download



The Board of Directors wishes to express their gratitude to the following individuals/groups:

  1. The Han Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do Club in Sunnyvale, for providing a studio for filming

  2. Aaron Weiner, for assisting in the demonstrations

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